Meet your new favorite script writing tool, SenEDIT.

You just write, SenEDIT handles the rest.

SenEDIT, making a habit of perfectionism, is developed by the collaboration of a team of software designers with 20 years of experience and a team of successful veterans of the sector such as scriptwriters, directors and executive producers.

Language Support
SenEDIT, aside from Turkish, also has English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Hindi, Brazilian, Japanese, Portuguese language support.
SenEDIT’s easy to use scene creating and editting interface saves you time. Just like Microsoft® Word page format, preview the document continuously, add and change scene data without leaving the scene.
Did you write in French template but the producer wants an international template (Hollywood)? Write however you want, share in whatever template (French or Hollywood).
Do you want to share scene, location, character, costume and other components with your team friends in an easier, intuitive way? Attach image and/or audio files.
Need filtering? You can filter scenes according to their date, location, ambience, scene type (scene color), characters in the scene, sound(s) used in the scene, costume, make-up, hair style and other scene components.
Are you going to send your scriptwriter a treatment note? Use your microphone to take notes about the related scene. Let them refine their scripts without needing you while listening to you.
Your script is complete and it is time to prepare the shooting script and the project plan for production. Sort your scenes to plans according to camera angle, camera movement, shooting scale and shooting location.
Multiple scriptwriter working on the same script? Share and easily bring your scripts together.
Are you looking for a character name?  Find a name for your character that is related to his personality by using the search engine in 7 languages.
Do you want to find out about the rhythm of the movie? Just get a scene graph and follow the rhythm of the film.
Do you have a script in another software format? With a few clicks convert them to SenEDIT within minutes.

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SenEDIT Trial version has all the features of SenEDIT (apart from file send/receive and conversion) and you can create up to 2 movies, 20 components such as character, sound, costume, make-up, hair style, accessories, special effect or lighting and 20 scenes.


With this version you can learn all about SenEDIT’s abilities and try it however you like without paying anything.