Privacy Statements



By visiting this website and by requesting the services offered on this website, hereby you accept the terms offered on this ‘Privacy Statement’. website is on the web but registration and customer data is not stored online. All the customer data and its secondary extensions are stored on data storage center and is under full security. The website has high security. SenEDIT tries everything technologically available in order to make the website secure.

Obligations about the privacy of the web site and its content is only applicable for www.senedit/com address and in no way applies to any other web site. SenEDIT is not responsible for the links, advertisements, banners that belong to other web sites and is not responsible for other websites linked on SenEDIT website for content or other purposes, and is not responsible for material/psychological damages or losses incurred on these sites due to data usage, ethical principles, privacy principles or quality of service.

Data Sharing

SenEDIT will not share information taken from third parties or belonging to its customers without the consent of customers or a legal obligation, with another third party, institution or organization. SenEDIT, when asked for customer information by regulatory institutions and/or legislative, executive agencies and authorities that it is liable to, will only reveal information under the limitations of necessary warrants. Transactions made over our website by our customers cannot be viewed by other customers without their consent.

Other Provisions

All copyrights for information, materials and their organization and editing belong to SenEDIT. Third parties cannot use any text, graphic or data published on our website. Content material or functions that can be found on this website cannot be published or delivered on any other medium, cannot be linked on websites without SenEDIT’s explicit permission.
SenEDIT can change its policies without warning so you have to check the “Privacy Statement” page periodically. This “Privacy Statement” establishes the legal relationship between you and SenEDIT’s website and is binding for parties and all the parties of relationships established through this website. Unless it is subsequently stated in written language to be otherwise, there can be no demands against these provisions and no claims can be made.

SenEDIT Customer Bill of Rights

1. SenEDIT is obliged to make the production and the distribution/delivery of the service that answers to the needs and wants of its customers in its field easier.

2. SenEDIT, accepts and promises these following terms:

  • To provide a high ethical standard in proving its service
  • To refuse any acts that could negatively impact consumers
  • To follow the acts stipulated by consumer protection laws
  • To commit that the service is provided in a timely manner and in high quality

3. SenEDIT customer, user or visitor accepts and promises that he or she has full knowledge of these following terms:

  • That he or she cannot return the purchased product (in consideration of the product’s quality, form of use and purpose)
  • That the method of the sale of the product is only credit cards or bank wire/money transfer  and the transaction must be in single payment
  • That the product is only delivered by download through or other SenEDIT authorized web sites
  • That the credit card purchase or the money transfer, considering the purchase time as the basis, can be cancelled in the first 24 hours but only ex parte by the SenEDIT website visitor or the SenEDIT user or the SenEDIT customer who made the purchase or by SenEDIT
  • That SenEDIT can produce and publish new products and can change its prices or terms of payment without informing SenEDIT users or SenEDIT customers or website visitors beforehand.